Current projects

The SMILE (Multi-constellation identification techniques for Liable Enhanced applications) project is coordinated by ITSLAB S.r.L. It is among the sixteen projects chosen by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) under the "Quarto bando" dedicated to "Navigation and Earth Observation: use of national and community space infrastructure". 

The purpose of the MyOpenGov project is to develop new knowledge and new technological solutions aimed at creating open and inter-operable systems, using the Open Source development and distribution model in the field of public administration. 

Our aim in carrying out the AMICO project can be summarised in three points:

  • Enhancement of the information domain
    improving an information domain that is increasingly rich in accurate and reliable measures (innovative sensors and configurable data acquisition devices), available continuously and in real-time, both on board and at the service centre, with particular reference to: power, consumption, structure, pollutants.

The idea behind the MISSION project is to overcome the problem of tracking vehicles and their loading units once boarded, and throughout the whole journey.

The proposed platform has two main objectives:

  • Intermodal communication: development of a land-sea communication system capable of ensuring interoperability between naval communication systems and tracking devices for transport modes and their relevant loads. Main objective.

SmartCARE is a cutting-edge ICT service platform for e-Health, where doctors and patients meet virtually to manage neuromotor rehabilitation courses, through a collaborative process which allows health care to be optimised directly in the patient's home. SmartCARE is based on integrated home care services to ensure constant monitoring of the treatment process with no need for medical staff to be in situ.