Completed projects

The MobAd platform, which was designed as a demo as part of the SMGEO project, is a digital signage and proximity marketing platform geared towards mobile users. 

The COSMEMOS project (COoperative Satellite navigation for MEteo-marine MOdelling and Services) was designed with the aim of defining algorithms for highly accurate weather and shipping forecasts, by collecting data 'in situ' from innovative GNSS-based sensors installed on merchant or passenger ships that are members of a cooperation plan.

The MOTUS system provides decision support for tourists visiting the city of art, making it an active part of the system.

The aim of the INCLUSION project is to create an information platform that can provide driving support and assistance to users with disabilities.

The aim of the POSSUM project (POsition-based ServiceS for Utilities Maintenance teams), is to provide a very precise navigation service (positioning augmentation) within a workforce management platform. 


EASY (Easy And Safe Yachting) aims to achieve a new integrated service for the yachting market, which can only be accessed through the on-board terminal 'EASY ONE'.

The SIFEG programme was created in response to the need for a secure, integrated, timely, multimodal system for the medium and long-range transport of goods, which requires consideration of the various component aspects from an overarching viewpoint