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SMART SISTER is an ICT system for Container Handling management within a seaport terminal.

Containers and contained goods’ movements and integrity status are tracked in a facility via wireless sensors networks and plug-in box installed on board of each container, crane, straddle carrier or at gates and seaport squares. SMART SISTER also helps to implement configurable scenarios so it may be customized in term of network and data infrastructure to the real needs of customer.

Container’s plug-in boxes may be equipped with sensors to measure parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, axial acceleration and brightness, RFID tags and e-seals; the system adopts configurable logical rules to determine the container status. The plug-in box on vehicles like cranes or straddle carriers must be equipped with RFID reader in order to identify the handled container; the system establishes movement status, vehicles and Container positioning.

The plug-in-box on gate and seaport square must be equipped with RFID multi antennas and reader. The system determines Container’s check-in and check-out status at beginning and ending of container lifecycle within seaport area.
Sensors’ measures are transmitted through the wireless network through a gateway node thus to make them accessible through the Internet/Intranet remote monitoring and control center. The use of wireless technology for data transmission overcomes costly and cumbersome wiring, physical and operational limitations; the adoption of settled RFID technology greatly reduce installation costs.

SMART SISTER implements a wrapping layer and network nodes with gateway functionalities thus enabling integration with multi-standard and multivendor wireless sensor network components. Proprietary solutions can still be suitably interfaced with minimal impacts.

SMART SISTER monitoring and control actions include:
• Entities tracking and tracing
• Container Security management 
• Areas management

• Operational and executive reporting
• Huge data access to implement custom reports and Business Intelligence analysis functions

SMART SISTER integrates other maritime ITSLAB’s products to extend Container Monitoring and Control smart functions other than seaport context (see next scenarios).

Main Features

SMART SISTER consists of:

  • plug-in box
  • gateway nodes (may be fixed or mobile depending on needs)
  • Control Centre

Basic scenario: sensor data and flows acquisition on seaport’s areas

The Control Centre adopts workstations to enable operators to:

  • View:
    • plug-in box and gateway nodes’ structures
    • sensor nodes’ measured parameters
    • Container and Goods’ integrity status
    • In near real time, on seaport map:
      • movement status
      • seaport vehicles positions
      • vessels positions
      • containers positions
    • activity reports
    • historical data on graphic mode
    • and early detect network nodes malfunctions
  • Trace historical movements of containers and vehicles to reconstruct facts
  • Receive alert messages generated
  • Configure:
    • the plug-in boxes and gateway nodes
    • reasoning model, through parametric rules, to set sampling sensors measurement interval, threshold values used to activate the alerting system
    • user accounts and group permissions
    • users services subscription (reports, alerts, notifications)
    • seaport areas functional assignment to detect inappropriate access by vehicles or containers
User Interface Snapshots:

Technical Focus

gateway node is the SMART SISTER component closest to networks; it virtualizes a network or a single device and is used for implementation or receiving data; so it connects SMART SISTER upper layer components to the physical sensor network; that’s why it is called WSNConnector.

Each sensor node is depicted using a standard markup language (openGIS  Sensor ML) and may be accessed from all components application by a resource management protocol based on SNMPrest that supports asynchronous and synchronous communication also. Each industrial standard sensor may be depicted by Sensor ML and a few methods SNMPrest needs to set and get sensor attribute and may be used to connect upper layers with sensor nodes.

For each type of network/device exists a component (also called a driver) that extends the WSNConnector and put into practice all the methods that allow access to field devices. 
So in a few year WSNConnector will be ready to make vendor independent SMART SISTER (and any other different scenarios of sensor monitoring and control).

Data are collected and notified to the system components responsible for data analysis and storage located on control system.


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