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MobiForce is a workforce management system that enables search, editing, monitoring, creation of notes and final evaluation of operations by in-house teams, and also management of sub-contracting.

The web system also enables management of requests for operations by users. Interventions requested are provided by the CRM to work teams or to external contractors, with the potential to assign tasks. The process communicates all the changes of status for intervention to the CRM and manages the acquisition of results.

The application also allows you to print contracts and service cards useful for operations administrators. Additionally, MobiForce manages support for pre-operation confirmation phonecalls or modifications to them as work is agreed with users.



  • Login
  • Attendance management
  • Operations assignment
  • Reporting activity
  • Addition and management of notes and attachments collected in the field.
  • Transfer of content


  • Import of orders
  • Import of master data from CRM
  • Management of extra operations
  • Assignment of tasks to working groups or sub-contractors
  • Notification of changes to individual operations occurring on CRM
  • Changes to status of operations
  • Management of data from bar code readers
  • Management of feedback to and from the CRM by work teams
  • Management of telephone confirmations
  • Mass import of data from Excel
  • Report generation in PDF

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