InTrackS is ITSLAB's indoor/outdoor navigation system, designed to provide:

  • "Dynamic" support for navigation, by generating routes between starting and destination points of interest (POI) acquired dynamically using wi-fi tracking services. 
    The platform interfaces with external tracking systems, typically Cisco, to acquire the spatial coordinates for the device
  • "Static" navigation assistance, by generating routes between starting and destination points of interest (POI) statically positioned on the map. This mode is useful where there is no wi-fi signal, where there are infrastructure constraints or where there are specific customer requirements, often linked to privacy issues. 

Use of product

InTrackS enables the use of the service on a wide range of fixed and mobile devices, whether or not related to Wi-fi/3G or LAN infrastructure, without limitation, other than those caused by the potential of computing devices.

InTracks enables a dual mode of use:

The application can be downloaded from the internet/intranet onto a device. The downloaded app includes maps and initial POIs. The InTracks app is available for these main platforms: Apple IOS, Windows Phone, Android. The installed App is therefore ready for navigation between the various pre-configured POIs.

Web App
Access is via a corporate web portal in standard HTML4, via LAN, wi-fi or 3G. In this case the application and map data and POIs are hosted on a server. The service is accessible to the vast majority of smartphones and tablets on the market using standard HTML4. This mode requires active connection of the device to the corporate network for the duration of the service. In web mode it is not possible to download maps and POIs but location logics relating to various locations can be integrated, so it is possible to use the "dynamic" mode to generate routes between POIs located in real time. Connection can be via VPN to ensure the required levels of security for communications. InTrackS can generate different routes for a given POI depending on context information, for example, the disability of a profiled user can be taken into account, and certain areas or temporarily inaccessible navigation tools can be excluded from routes.


InTrackS provides a navigation experience similar to "Google Maps", with additional features such as:

  • Find & Go | Defines the best route to the destination from a given starting point.
  • Around me | View only a specific type of POI requested by the user (e.g. meeting rooms, toilets, smoking areas, etc.) 
  • Go away fast |Generates the quickest exit route in case of emergency.
  • Search | Searches the workstation of a colleague, an office or a department.
  • Localize me |Allows location of your device and makes it available to others.


IInTracks includes a function that allows simple and efficient transcoding of map graphics formats that are available to the customer, such as CAD, simultaneously connecting with maps programmed with POIs.

Through a system of authoring and Web-Based editing you can also enter POIs, nodes and exchange points on programmed maps.

Success Cases



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