Follower is an integrated solution for fleet management with enhanced tracking and monitoring, completely web based on professional cartography.

Follower allows the accurate and continuous monitoring of the fleet through the use of Inmarsat-C, of the AIS on-board or using the SmartBox SIRM connected to Fleet Broadband or VSAT.

Thanks to the acquisition and management system of on-board messages (Noon/Daily), the use of C-MAP maps, weather forecasts and other advanced control features Follower is a tool for improving the efficiency of the fleet and the remote processes risk management.

Through the multi-channel access (PC, Laptop, Smartphone) to all information of the fleet according to the user profile enables a proactive approach to the voyage management.


  • Fleet monitoring from desktop, laptop or smartphone without installation of additional software
  • Acquisition by Inmarsat-C, AIS, VSAT, FBB and web service
  • Using professional C-MAP cartography with weather forecasts worldwide
  • Acquisition and automatic management NOON/DAILY reports and parameters thresholds
  • Visualizing route of the ship, with correlating position reports and information reports on-board (consumption, rpm, weather, etc.)
  • Schedule management, scheduled routes and actual routes
  • Management event-based notifications and creating of special zones as overlays on the map
  • Visualizing groups to associate a group of ships to one or more users
  • Integrated unified contact system (via email, chat or VoIP call)

Follower in details

Management of the fleet

The entire fleet is visible in one screen, Follower lets you have always the information of every single unit available, not just the location, but also the consumptions and weather conditions. The SPLIT MAP function allows the visualization through groups of monitors to create a full-fledged control room of the fleet.

Multi-channel access

By using the latest technologies in terms of web design allows access to the platform from any device with a web browser. Also for easier use on IOS and Android devices, a specific downloadable APP is available from the SIRM website.

Management of route

Through the search tools it's possible to reconstruct the route of each individual ship, to view a sent "position report" and any other available information (consumption, weather, on-board snapshots cameras, etc.)

Management of the Areas

System administrators can draw on the map sensitive areas or points of interest, with the activation of a notification mechanism (via email), whenever a unit of the fleet enters or leaves an area, or reaches a point of interest.

Management of report

Through a client or via the mail system Follower is capable of processing the most common board report (Noon, Daily, Arrival, Departure), storing the present information and making them available in textual and graphic format.
Through the module 'navigation report' follower's customers have the opportunity to:

  • Efficiently manage an archive of ship messages
  • Acquire the information relating to consumption and routes
  • Set threshold levels to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • To have a tool for calculating the EEOI of the ship and fleet

Layer Weather forecasts

CFollower allows you to superimpose to the cartographic layer C-MAP a layer with the main weather forecasts of interest (wave height and direction, intensity and direction of the surface current, wind). The integration improves the safety and efficiency of navigation with route planning.

Integrated communication

Unified Communication System, integrated into the platform, enables a communication with the ship through the mail (sending an email directly to the command ship), chat (start a chat with the commander) or VoIP (VOIP call activation if present aboard VSAT system and SmartBox SIRM).

Flexibility of use

Follower captures the ship through different channels of communication. In particular, the system is able to process the data transmitted via Inmarsat-C, FBB and VSAT in well as through the AIS on Board and through the network SAT-AIS. The different communication channels can be used simultaneously in backup logic.

Global support

We offer our customers 24 x 7 x 365 support via our Service Center in Naples. Our support team is able to provide all the necessary support for better use of the platform through email and telephone and can assist customers in troubleshooting, edge configurations, technical assistance and training.

Position acquisition system

Communication Channel

Frequency posting position

Inmarsat - C


4 – 8 – 12 positions a day


AIS - Terrestrial: 1 position every 20 minutes

AIS – Sat: 1 position now


According customer needs

Web Services

According customer needs

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