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Dimension is the ITSLAB solution for digital signage.

The platform consists of a display network, configured output terminals managed and programmed by the server-side application component accessible via the web.

Each display is connected to the digital signage server and a local PC on which a customer application request is installed. Communication between customer application and server is essential for transmission of schedules and media assigned to the display.

The proposed solution is multi-purpose:

  • integrated: with all the features for management of the service. Content management, schedule programming, distribution over IP networks, terminal status checks;
  • multichannel:a single platform for digital signage services;
  • multimedia: capable of handling different types of content - audio, video, text, etc;
  • flexible: adaptable for internal and external communication requirements and media entertainment services.
  • customisable, in terms of both layout and flexibility of schedules, which may vary either chronologically or by device type, allowing programming of each individual device connected to the signage network.


The logical architecture (server side) that supports the digital signage system has the following software stack:

  • Apache, NGINX or IIS
  • PHP 5.3.3 +
  • MySQL with PHP PDO support


The process of content delivery follows the flow summarised in the diagram
Logo Dimension

  1. Creation and organisation of content |  The user is responsible for producing content. Multimedia content is organised in layout, graphically and temporally ordered by the elements to be displayed
  2.          Release of content to the platform |  Content is inserted and arranged within the system;

  3. Creation of schedule  | Content is logically organised in playback schedules (sequence of content over a certain length of time) and the playlist is transferred to PCs connected to the display;
  4. Delivery of content to the PC |  Transfer phase of new content to peripheral PCs;
  5. Playing content | Peripheral PCs display the content in the order established by the last playlist received.

Success Cases

National security



Electric Utility





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