ITSLAB's innate tendency towards innovation, supported by our constant concern for R&D that facilitates constant access to funding programmes, translates into a continuous scouting activity for open source products identified by both the R&D teams in their collaborations with the academic world, and by delivery teams through their experience and through identifying client needs. Over the years, ITSLAB has developed considerable expertise in well-established products and the ability to test and quickly deploy the new products that communities are constantly producing, with our vast team of experts.

ITSLAB currently has partnerships and community participation in the following products: Titanium, RedHat, Xibo, Nuxeo and OpenBravo and considerable experience in a series of widely available products: PhoneGap, Asterisk, Drupal, OpenGIS, Alfresco, Pentaho, Liferay, MySql, Moodle, Nagios, Joomla! and Android.

As part of recent research interest we are experimenting with Hadoop, OpenStack WSO2 and OpenStack Storage.

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